FRC Vision

FRC Vision #

WPILIB’s FRC Vision is a great starting point for writing your own custom vision software. You can modify their images as outlined here, or download a pre-built release from our fork of their fork of pi-gen called gloworm-pi-gen.

Flashing the image #

Linux, Windows, OSX #

Cross platform instructions are on the home page.

Linux #

  1. git clone --depth=1
  2. cd usbboot
  3. sudo apt install libusb-1.0-0-dev # install libusb-dev
  4. make
  5. sudo ./rpiboot
  6. Connect your computer to the USB C port labeled with a download icon, wait for usbboot to finish.
  7. sudo fdisk -l
  8. Find the 8GB device. Make sure you’re using the right device (for me this is /dev/sda)
  9. Download the latest release from gloworm-pi-gen
  10. unzip
  11. sudo dd if=image_name.img of=<device from above> bs=4M status=progress